A lot of gurus say don’t work from home. Others say, do it but no everyone can do it well – I saw one very successful entrepreneur come out and say it, less than 1% of entrepreneurs can work from home effectively.

I am going to disagree with this one. I think everyone can learn to work from home effectively.

There are a few points to take on board.

  1. If you work from home there is no punching in and out. You can pretend but your office is a few metres away, if you are at home you are at work.
  2. The comfort of your home will entice you to slack off more than you would in a tightly run office with high standards of personal appearance, supervision and (at least the appearance) of productivity.
  3. Working from home opens you up to maximise your personal productivity devoid of other work related distractions. Attendance and your work social manner are  no longer perceived attributes of your productivity. The work you have completed and can show yourself is your productivity.
  4. Working from home gives you the opportunity to save your commuting time to and from work and between work locations but it also means you can become less active if you do not compensate. This can really add up!
  5. You can lose your social and professional edge in dealing with people unless you make sure you keep in talking to people.
  6. Location can become something you are independent of in your life in terms of work which can offer a freedom that most would be envious of.
  7. Some colleagues, peers and contacts may become jealous of your setup and come up with reasons not to do business with you.

If you can say “Yes! That is brilliant!” to the first 3 and say “No problem I can deal with it.” to the last 4 then please, please get started working from home as soon as you can. I can honestly say that my creativity skyrocketed, my dedication to my clients increased and I got to move to a hot country where it doesn’t rain all the time. For many of you, that’ll be a deal-maker.


  • Entrepreneurs can learn to do anything (including work from home or remotely)
  • Working from home increases your potential working time A LOT
  • Stay social and interact with people to keep your edge
  • Don’t rub it in with those that could be jealous