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Personal hats: mummy, wife, domestic goddess

Mummy: my son Jack was born in 2014. He is simply awesome and a huge inspiration to achieve every goal I have set for myself and our family. I am also mummy to our beloved cat Cocoa who regards us all as her servant. And our newest addition Jessie our lovable dog. She is still a puppy and finding her feet in this world. It is very cute to watch.

Wife: I am lucky to be married to my best friend Graham who will you have seen on this site. He is a genius and extremely funny. I love the fact we work as such a dream team. When life gets a little too serious, he can make me laugh till I cry. Something everyone needs in their lives.

Domestic Goddess: obviously Graham is useless at cleaning etc so this falls to me. I am useless at it too, but fortunately, I have a fab housekeeper. As Queen, I am more than happy to dish out the instructions. Thus, we have a fab house and fab food most of the time… (Thank you Chantelle!)


I absolutely love art, I review art online, I look at art on all my social media and I produce art pieces for myself. I am learning my skills and hope to have the ability to publish my work once I am satisfied with my results. Art has taught me a great deal about life and for me there is an opportunity to learn more about life if you view it as an artist does. This is a primary skill I use in business.

I love listening to opera and classical music. This is my favourite way to focus.

And learning, reading, researching and reviewing. I just love to learn new things and pride myself at being able to pick up and understand anything I can lay my hands on.

Business and Lifestyle:

I work from home and I work remotely, all our business is online and all our peeps work remotely too.

Business Hats: entrepreneur, manager, whole health advocate.

Entrepreneur: I fell into entrepreneurship because of Graham and it rather suits me. I love having all these projects on the go. I especially love the fact that once we have achieved our goal at this current game we have at least 6 other AWESOME projects in the wings ready for investors and contributors to help us create. If you are interested, let me know!

I do hate the way self-employment/entrepreneurship is glamourised into an “end-all” solution though – entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted and I rather believe that you are better off doing what you love and are not a slave to. (As long as you can survive doing it). If that means get a job doing what you love, then do it. Don’t obsess about working for yourself or getting rich, it is not for everybody. I do feel rather strongly that “life-coaches” and the “hustlers” have painted an all-too-simplistic view of business growth which has saturated our social media (in the entrepreneurial space) and bookshelves with BS dross about making fortunes on the internet and how all you have to do is wake up early and “hustle.” It is very possible to quickly become a slave to your own business if you have no clue about running a business or building it, growing it from just you to something that you can positively own. I hope to be able to fill the void with some actual meaningful tips and advice which go a little beyond the “habits of successful people” content which we have heard a thousand times. I think what people need to know is how to succeed for real, how spot and overcome real barriers, not “how to be more excited about hustling.” I don’t think this game suits everyone. That’s what I think anyway.

Manager: I have been a manager since I was a little kid. I have always been a leader among friends, associates and in my various jobs and roles. It is what I love and what I am good at. I have a real passion for getting people to accomplish and produce. I just LOVE getting things done, completing projects and I particularly love impossible. What an intriguing and delicious idea! And most of all, I really love to bring out the best in people, to help them grow and feel a sense of accomplishment. Everyone, down to the lowest rung of the workforce ladder can conceive of a step forward. I like to help people take it.

Health: This is a very personal subject for me with a whole back-story. I cover this in much more detail in my personal blog There I outline my life goal which is simply to bring the gap between medicine and nutrition together. Oh and to create sustainable food proteins which do not destroy the environment, poison us with chemicals or cost too much for anybody to purchase. But that is a whole other story.

If you want to work together, connect with me on social media or email me using the contact form in the footer.

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