One of our businesses has started to really rocket upwards in terms of expansion, turnover and profit. When looking into the changes that caused this there was an interesting aspect that I had not spotted before.

When building the business (a digital marketing agency) a lot of the ideas used to create value were kept secret – people had to buy in to the service to get the results and, even then, we did not reveal how we did it.

Keeping cards close to our chest seemed to be the smart move. We were concerned that competitors would copy us or try to steal our clients.

We slowly built the business to half way to 7 figures. We solved a few outreach and delivery issues which did speed up expansion but the real change that has seen us rapidly expand since has been the open handed approach.

The truth is that it takes effort to hold onto something great. It is much easier to let it go and give it away.

We found people to work with that we could give our secrets away to and help make our partners successful. We cloned our golden goose and shared.

We give away practically everything now. We have books on how to do our services yourself. We even have a book on how to build your own digital agency (and we’ll probably write one on the open handed approach to building a network of golden goose owners).

The only way to exponentially increase the value your produce is to give some of it away to those willing to help you build a movement. This is the best way to scale. Sure, you will have a few loses along the way, but that is true in any endeavour. Some may even take advantage of you. These are all in the minority. People are decent. Entrepreneurs that are hungry to succeed are normally awesome. Don’t be greedy and treat your partner network like family they have become and you will have an amazing, loyal and productive team.

We give away 50% to our partners because we want to produce the most value in each partnership. We go into them 50:50, and both partners do as much as possible to make the partnership a success.

We are projected to increase overall revenue by 2000% next year. Now that’s a good reason to be generous.