Along with 82% of the population (apparently) I wanted to write. Whether that is a biography, a nonfiction book, blog articles, social media posts, reviews, a screenplay, a novel, or a children’s story, most people want to write about stuff.

How many people actually write though? Percentage of the population that write publicly in a given 12 month period? Under 5%. Wow!

People WANT to write but they don’t.

For years, I was one of those 77% that wanted to write but didn’t.

I read books on writing fiction and non-fiction; books on grammar and tone; and books on screenplays, structure and style.

But I didn’t write.

That is not entirely true – occasionally I would start writing in fits and spurts. Write a few ideas down, plan out the contents, that sort of thing. I would then look at it a few days later and delete it. When I was writing it I thought it was good material, then, when I read it again, I thought it was dreadful. I thought it was amateurish.

And it was.

Then I got organised. I figured out all the different things I wanted to write about and who I wanted to read what I had to say. This gave clarity. I started looking at the effects I wanted to create with my writing. I realised that those effects would need to be smaller initially as I improved my abilities. The only way to improve my writing was to write, study, put my content out there for feedback and strive to improve.

So that is my advice to you. Figure out who you are writing for and the effects you want to create. Visualise them. I visualise entrepreneurs and digital marketers reading, smiling and benefiting from my blog articles every day I write them. I do the same in all other aspects of my writing, from future book readers to prospective clients reading my views on marketing and promotion.

Everyone has a different method. So just figure out the best way for you to figure out who you are writing for and what effect you want to have on them. Then write, study, put it out there for feedback, strive to improve and repeat.

My writing output was less than 20,000 words from 1994 – 2014. I now write and put out more than that every month.

Don’t be afraid to put your heart on the line – the best people will love you for it and the worst people can only leave poor feedback.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – if you get something wrong you can correct it, you could even expand it into new and valuable material for your audience.

When you output a lot of content it is vital you take time to take in a lot of content. A balance is needed to get and give the most value. Most people are spectators, they read, they listen, they watch. Spectate and participate. Read, listen and watch – but write, speak and film – or do whatever you do for your chosen media. Content is a two-way thing – get yours out there whilst taking in from others. You will provide the greatest value that way.