Every now and again you can have a disappointing day. I just experienced one of them, here is the laundry list of shit that happened today: A client had a proper soap opera difficulty in his life involving various staff and family members and it took up a lot of my day smoothing out various contacts I had in the business; a very positive potential partner in my agency network decided not to go ahead when it looked very promising; a new client that had confirmed they would go ahead asked questions that showed he had not understood the package offered in the first place and stalled on the sale process; one client had a dream job interview so was considering packing his small business up and wanted to skip a month in his retainer; and to cap it all off a client on our third highest retainer tariff cancelled their contract.

In 24 hours I am down approximately $6,000 a month in revenue ($72,000 annually), I have had to talk to upset people all day (unrelated to the drop in revenue) and what I thought was going to be a new and potentially crackerjack partnership fell through.

A secret to persistence is to not allow anything bad to ruin your tomorrow. Shit may happen today but don’t let it ruin any future days.

Another thing is to look on the bright side – what positive outcomes may arise? Well for the client that cancelled his contract I can now market to similar potential clients and explain pitfalls that the cancelled client did not manage to get past (they struggled to convert their enquiries to sales). The guy that may land his dream job, same deal applies – he was getting plenty of new work in through my services – I can just expand the offering out now there is no issue with advertising to potential competitors. With regards to the soap opera difficulties for another client I now know that client’s business is unstable and so should not rely on the business continuing, this is valuable insight and allows me to be prepared should anything happen. And the partner that was lost along the way in my agency network has probably saved me heartache and difficulty in the long run as if we could not agree to terms at inception how many other points would we disagree on as we built a 7 figure partnership agency? I have also learned a couple of lessons that will help me more clearly explain what sort of entrepreneurs are most likely to be suited to the agency partner network program and save time in the future. The experience has also taught me to simplify the corporate structure best suited to providing the agency partner program in the UK.

Sometimes all the negativity feels like it drowns out the positivity. You have to remind yourself that sometimes the good stuff can be quiet and unassuming. For example, we have had 4 brand new enquiries today for services at the same retainer level as the one that cancelled today. We have also confirmed 2 other meetings in the next two weeks for similar packages.

Although they are not “in the bag” the potential is there to more the triple the lost monthly revenue from new, fresh clients that are hungry to get more incoming business. New clients that are seeing results are much more likely to refer you on as well.

A feeling of failure can arise when you spend chunks of time pushing an endeavour in a particular direction. So much time was spent on a certain target being achieved in a certain way that a time commitment bias can occur. You have to be watchful for these and never cut corners or make allowances simply because you have exerted effort and would rather have a result over the right result. Experience has taught me that cut corners at the outset normally means a hefty repair bill of some sort in the future. Better to get it done to the highest standards the first time so that time is not required to fix it in the future. I have learned it is better to just cancel something completely than to accept a result lower than minimum based on past experience and your own standards.

This minimises the chances of future disappointing days in itself and prevents the chasing your own tail phenomenon that a lot of entrepreneurs face when they spend time correcting things they should have ensured got done right in the first place.

Today has reminded me the three most important points to getting through disappointing days.

  • Don’t let the negativity get into tomorrow
  • Figure out the bright side of every negative occurrence and figure out a new safeguard to prevent the same thing happening again
  • Find the positives in the day or past days and remind yourself that negatives can be noisy whilst positives can be quiet and unassuming, pour your efforts on making those positives into something worthwhile and drown out the negatives with that success.