Two questions to ask yourself and be happier. And three things to do.

A bit long perhaps, but here you find 2 questions to ask yourself in those negative moments that will instantly make you feel better. Then there are 3 steps that’ll actually make you happy.

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Defining Moments, Gratification and Anticipation

A common message is that it is our actions that define us, not our ideas and thoughts. I think it is more specific than that, and that it is our actions when there is no possibility of judgement, that define us, not what we do when eyes are upon us.

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Disappointing Days

We all have bad days where disappointment is the general message. Instead of reflecting, I write about a few thoughts I had on the actual day in question. Much more real…

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Losing Clients

Lost clients? Here’s my two pennies, written a few minutes after it happened. I feel you.

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Big Goals

Having big goals is great. Making them happen is completely different. I disagree with the current consensus from most influencers in that you have to focus on just the one project at a time. I agree with not multi-tasking – but changing focus between multiple goals can be refreshing and help you get more out of each day.

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Why It Seems Hard Sometimes

The universe seems tough sometimes right? Well, that’s because the universe IS tough. Doesn’t mean we can’t moan a little, just don’t moan a lot (or chronically) and get yourself back in the right mindset and into positive action fast.

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Reclaiming Purposefulness

How do you get yourself back on track, when you feel listless, and fell that you are spending the bulk of your time off your primary life purposes? Take stock and move on, that’s how.

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Open Handedness

I still believe in this concept. Give and be generous and it will come back to you. Just don’t be stupid about it and get it right!

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A Few Words on Working From Home

Just a quick few opinions on working from home. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you, it is so much better than the alternative!

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Learning from failure

A key concept in my life has been learning from failure. The adage is to learn from the mistakes of others, but I feel that is short-sighted. We all have to experience a failure that is hard to confront, so that we are then able to confront what it takes not to fail next time. I am a proponent of fail big, fail fast, and fail often – but get it out of your system in your 20’s or early 30’s so you get it right from then on out.

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