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Business and Lifestyle:

I am an expat and entrepreneur, currently living in sunny Gozo, Malta in the Mediterranean. I work with my business partner and wife Sadie.

We’ve fully distributed our businesses, meaning we work mainly from home, and the majority of our clients and projects are based thousands of miles away. We are lucky to get to fly around for meetings with lots of new and exciting people.

For now, we have settled in our home, but the digital nomad lifestyle is always beckoning, and, as we expand our operations and take on more staff, it’s pretty likely we will get moving.

Business Hats: marketing & growth strategist, entrepreneur and author.

Marketing and Growth Strategist: our bread and butter. We manage multiple digital marketing agency brands around the world. I was a freelancer 1997 – 2001 and I have been an agency owner in one form or another since then.

I am deeply passionate about business growth through marketing and consultancy and we will be launching a series of courses to help others succeed in this area.

Everything I know (plus a lot of stuff I don’t) will eventually make its way into an machine learning powered growth platform.  The Journey Marketer (coming in 2017) is a new site where I will document progress on that until launch.

Entrepreneur: employee status has never really worked well for me, and I think everyone should at least give owning a business a try if they have it in them. Sure, it can have its ups and downs, but it never gets old, and you never have to have a shitty boss. Clients and customers are the closest you get to having a boss in your own business, but the dynamics are completely different, and you can choose with whom you work.

We also work with start-ups either as equity partners or on a performance basis, which has opened several doors, including funding and investor access.

Author: although no books as yet, I plan to change that very soon. This “Depot” site is to link out to new content and to give a home to other stuff that does not fit on our other sites and channels.

Personal hats: dad, husband, geek.

Dad: my son Jack was born in 2014. He keeps me on my toes, happy, and driven; like nothing else in this world.

Husband: my wife and business partner Sadie – you’ll see her content on the site, and elsewhere too. We make an excellent team, mainly because she is awesome.

Geek: I had my first computer when I was three years old (that was all the way back in 1982 and it was a ZX Spectrum 48K for those wanting to know!).

I started as a digital marketing freelancer back in 1997.

Now I am most interested in Machine learning, VR, personalisation, and how that all fits into digital marketing. We’ll see where that goes.


Fun: Outside of quality family time and outings, I love home cinema and music, and I am always figuring out my next upgrade whether it’s a new 4k HDR projector or ceiling speakers for the new Dolby Atmos and DTS: X immersive surround sound. Yes, watching movies in our house is awesome.

Personal development and productivity: Although a lot of my day is taken up with clients and business stuff, I do like to invest in myself as part of every day, so there is a lot of studying, taking courses, and reading.

Bon vivant: I love fine dining and have been to plenty of starred restaurants and will visit loads more. At home, I love my Aeropress coffee maker, top quality teas, fancy chocolate, artisan red wine, and small batch gin. We are also working to improve our general lifestyle choices (which make the gin and chocolate a bit naughty, but hey-ho).

I also spend time building what will eventually be a series of novels. It’s a slow burn though so don’t hold your breath. For me, an agile approach to fiction writing just won’t cut it. Maybe by 2025 I’ll have something worth reading!

So, there you have it. Anything else you want to know you’ll have to ask me. 🙂

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Learning from failure

A key concept in my life has been learning from failure. The adage is to learn from the mistakes of others, but I feel that is short-sighted. We all have to experience a failure that is hard to confront, so that we are then able to confront what it takes not to fail next time. I am a proponent of fail big, fail fast, and fail often – but get it out of your system in your 20’s or early 30’s so you get it right from then on out.

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Data on the Agency Partner Network opportunity. Not currently accepting applications at this time.

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Data on the Agency Partner Network opportunity. Not currently accepting applications at this time.

The Agency Partner Network Opportunity

Data on the Agency Partner Network opportunity. Not currently accepting applications at this time.

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Data on the Agency Partner Network opportunity. Not currently accepting applications at this time.