Not currently accepting new applicants.

Thanks for checking this out – if you have access to this it probably means we spoke and hit it off on this initial idea. Hopefully this will help you make a firm decision to do it, or not to do it. If it feels right and can become a passion project for you then great. If not, better to leave it.

I am looking for 20 or so founding agency partners to join my network and build individual digital marketing agencies with me in your local area. Why 20? This is my estimate where every fundamental problem that could come about in building a successful agency will happen. Then we’ll figure out the solution and put in place a process for future partners so it can be quickly worked through. Once the initial 20 are underway, I want to build it to 120 strong in just a few months.

I have created a digital agency model that rapidly gets high paying clients which we undersell and over-deliver to in order to retain them. The model is straightforward in that quite rigid packages are sold and delivered. Selling is easy as they are ROI based and potential clients will not have been sold such a specific service before. It should also be sellable even if the potential client has already got digital marketing providers. All packages are all-inclusive fixed retainers. Often they can be scaled after initial the sale if there is room in the market to do so.

This is very different than writing a book on how to do it or offering a coaching service. We will be building an agency together, with equal stakes and responsibilities. It is not a “how-to” it is a “let’s-go”.

What it’ll take

You do not need to have experience in digital marketing but it helps, it also helps if you have some sales and business relations experience as you will have to go to sales meetings and deal with clients once they are on a monthly retainer. The only thing you have to have is entrepreneurial spirit. We are going to be working together to build something special and you have to have belief in yourself and your ability and want to create a lot of value in the world.

If you are passionate and driven I really believe you can make 6 figures in 12 months and 7 figures within 3 years with options to sell or recruit management staff and “own” the agency.

We start it together from scratch, no investment is required except for your time and action and we get things going. We’ll work out the best operating basis given your current set up and go from there.

To build an agency network in your area you (at least at the beginning) it will help a lot if you are in that area! We have initial plans to offer the marketing packages in the legal, automotive and financial industry sectors. We will add other sectors in the near future. You also have to understand the local language.

Apart from the above, we have to connect and hit it off. We both have to have a good vibe about an ongoing relationship.

How the network will work together

Every partner is on the same deal. 50:50 and we work hard to build the best and most successful agency we can. We will have partner agency masterminds every week where we all get to share and get help where needed. Everyone is expected to help everyone else as much as possible. It’s all good karma!

I will obviously do one-on-ones with everyone regularly through the week and we will all stay in good coordination on slack, we’ll share useful stuff in a Facebook group (that will be open to non-partners as well). Partners will be expected to help each other out in one-on-ones too. We’ll record everything so we have it as a learning resource for new partners. Any major breakthroughs we have in a particular area will be turned into partner training.

Twice a year (probably starting in August 2016 all partners will meet up somewhere exotic for a get together. You get to be 100% yourself, there will be no team building or awards or anything else that excludes and makes some people uncomfortable as much as it includes and makes other people comfortable. The point is you get to go somewhere beautiful, kick back and rejuvenate however works for you. And we get to catch up too! The costs for these trips will come out of our agencies before profits are worked out and should include your significant others.

This is to be a family network, there is not to be a whiff of stuffy, clinical “professionalism”. It just doesn’t belong here. It’s OK if you are not a people person or if you are the life of a party. We’ll all get along in our unique ways when we meet up. This ethos is how all partnerships will be run anyway? Sound good? I hope so, I honestly cannot think of any other way to do it right.

So what’s needed from me?

I think the first and most important thing is that we have spoken and hit it off. Trust is a vital part of getting off the ground. The simplicity of what is needed from you is: whatever it takes. That does not mean sleepless nights and 23 hour work days. Everyone has their own circumstances and have various amounts of time, resources and skill. I will do my best to encourage things along and build an agency with you utilising the time, resources and skill we both have to get the agency off the ground, viable and then booming. Our target has to be 7 figures in 3 years as that is how the model has been built. This is done by getting (on average) 2 more clients than we lose on a monthly basis for 36 months straight.

I have successful actions to follow to pull this off and I am sure that other partners will have other successful actions we can try. Every location and every partnership will be different. We need to be able to pivot when needed and learn from the experience. We also need to make sure every partner gets the heads up. As long as we are aware from day one that we have to do whatever it takes to make it happen and that we are decent people looking to do it the right way, we will be able to do it together.

I also would appreciate healthy introductions to new people to add to the partner network, we won’t have directly clashing partners but there is plenty of room for collaborations. You might like the fact you want to work mainly in the legal sector and make your location a little wider spread and get your friend who has connections into the automotive industry involved. There are some introduction benefits baked into the model.

Time and Value

If you do the maths it gets pretty apparent that some way along the line I’ll run out of time with so many partners to work with. Well, yes and no. The priority for me is to create value as opposed to spend time. Yes, it will take time and effort to get an agency partnership off the ground. And the bulk of that time and effort will have to be solved one way or another, mainly by the partner. I will ensure you have the data, mindset and means to get it done and, where my agency experience and capabilities come into play, that I provide that value. An example is in initial client outreach, partners generally work their butt off on this to get initial client interest (using my proven techniques) and I’ll step in where needed to close the prospect and ensure initial delivery of the services goes well. Realise we are agreeing to work together to build an agency – we benefit from it 50:50 because we would not have had the opportunity if it wasn’t for the both of us!

A quick note

It annoys my wife Sadie no end but quite often I write “I” and mean or at least should be saying “We”. Although I am the more technically proficient in digital marketing, my wife Sadie is the one who keeps my feet on the ground and everything going, she is a gifted manager and much, much more capable. I have ideas; she gets stuff done. If I get run over by a bus, she will do an outstanding job in keeping everything going, and probably have it running better than when I was around. As partnership agreements will be with our company which is equally shared between us you are also entering into the agreement with her.

The catches

Nobody likes an asshole. The agreement to work together to build a partnership has a clause that basically says if you are or become an asshole, you’re gone and you don’t get anything for it. You’ll just have to trust me that I will not call you an asshole unless you are one. Just realise that any toxic or negative personalities will be swiftly ejected. Looking at the grand scheme of things and my public goal of 120 active and booming agency partnerships, I think you can be pretty confident that I won’t play that card unless it is warranted – otherwise no one else would want to be a partner! When there is a lot on the line I am sure things may get heated from time to time. That is wholly different from chronic negativity, toxicity and asshole-ness. Nothing worthwhile happens with that in the environment. This clause does not mean you do not get any value that you have created for our agency if I do feel I have to call it. You will get your 50% share of whatever value there is if we end the agreement.

If at some point I do sell up and make an exit, I promise it will be to a company and individuals within it that I like and that I honestly believe will benefit the network. Every partner will have the option to buy out their partnership at a generous discount or set up their partnership share for an exit sale (this option is actually available to you when you are in partnership with me). We have other projects to work on in the future and we will have plenty of other ideas too. We are not stuck on any one endeavour being “it” forever, and you shouldn’t be either.

What Now?

OK that’s it really – there is a bit more about me here: About Me And The Future Of The APN which gives a bit more insight into what I am working toward and where I see the APN going.

I ask that you “apply” by getting in touch and asking me any more questions you have. From there I’ll ask for a good rundown of what you’ll bring to the partnership – if it’s all good then we’ll go for it!

Looking forward to hearing from you.