Note: No new applications accepted at this time.

We are (not currently) offering entrepreneurial types the opportunity to build their own digital agency as a 50:50 partner. We have a successful business model and we will work with you very closely to make sure we pull it off. To become a partner we need to be in agreement that our primary focus will be to provide buckets of value and a clear cut ROI to all of our agency clients. It is entirely realistic and expected that we’ll make 6 figures in the first twelve months and 7 figures within 3 years.

If this jumps out at you and you are really interested then I want to talk to you as the key content required to make a decision on this is available by invitation only. We’ll need to talk on skype or zoom beforehand.

If you have access now please log in.

Otherwise go ahead and connect with me about it through Facebook, LinkedIn or email.

We’ll have a chat and if we hit it off you can have access to the two articles designed to help you make a decision on coming on board or not. 1. The Agency Partner Network Opportunity and 2. About me and Into the Future.




The Agency Partner Network, the model and its inception have been inspired by many books and people – I have read hundreds of books over the past few years and I have connected with lots of successful people.

Here are three of the many – I have linked to their main websites, they all have regular content and active Facebook groups

James Altucher – recommended book – Choose Yourself

This man has incredible insight and shares it with brutal honesty. He cuts through the crap and gives it to you straight. Please devour his content. You would not be finding out about this opportunity if it was not for his writing. He also explains in about a sentence how to become Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless.

Peter Voogd – recommended book – 6 months to 6 figures

Dedicated to demanding the most out of you at all times. A young entrepreneur’s role model for getting into high energy, high confidence action. My two favourite takeaways from his content are “the decision train” and your “confidence account” – ask him about them.

Hal Elrod – recommended book – The Miracle Morning

An invigorating success story of overcoming personal adversity and then opening the door to his (and everyone else’s) most important abilities: thinking big, visualising success and high productivity and then making a habit out of achieving that success through focused and productive activity. Get inspired.